Covid-19 in India - How You Can Help

Covid-19 in India - How You Can Help

We are heartbroken to about the Covid crisis in India - there is a serious lack of oxygen and the hospitals are overflowing. Many families in India are now struggling with food shortages as a result of the lockdowns. There are different ways to help the situation, the below ideas are a simple place to start however for more detailed information, please visit

1. Donate

If you are able to, we recommend donating to Give India's Covid appeal. You can choose to donate to provide oxygen for Covid patients, support families struggling with hunger, or provide sanitary towels to women who's supplies have been eliminated during the second wave. Give India provides fund utilisation reports so that you can see where your donation is going, and be sure that it is making a difference. You can donate with the following link:

 2. Share

You can stand in solidarity with the millions of people affected by Covid-19 in India by sharing Give India's appeal and raising awareness of the current situation. Whether by reposting on social media, or contacting brands you love and encouraging them to spread awareness, the more people who are able to help, the more money can be raised to support those in need.

3. Stay Informed

This second wave of Covid-19 in India is expected to peak in mid May. Staying informed on the issues caused by this will ensure awareness is spread and support is therefore given when needed. Instead of a one-off gift, if you are able, a standing order can provide long-term support to families as they recover financially from any job loss or food shortages suffered. 


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