Meet Claire O’Connell

Meet Claire O’Connell

After spotting a gap in the market for colourful, creative cakes, Claire O’Connell created POP Bakery back in 2010, best known for their wonderful ‘cake pops’, a mix of lollipops and cakes combined into one. After growing the business for several years, Claire made the decision to take a small step back after having children. She is now pursuing her passion for interior design, whilst remaining Director of POP Bakery. We caught up with her to discuss her journey so far, and her plans to channel her creativity into interiors going forward.

Firstly, thank you for having us - your home is truly wonderful and it was so inspiring to take a look around! At what point did you first begin to take an interest in interiors?

Since I was a kid I loved interior design. I always said I wanted to be one when I was little- obsessed with changing my bedroom and watching ‘Changing Rooms’, of course! But then I got into baking and my actual career was having my own cake pop company. 

Where do you find inspiration for decorating a new room?

It really is the obvious insta and Pinterest. But nothing beats going into a real home that you just fall for. I went to my late auntie’s house a couple of months ago and it was such an inspiration, as it always has been. 

We particularly loved the ‘gallery walls’ throughout your home - what are your top tips for creating the perfect gallery wall?

Mix of art styles and mix of frames styles. And in terms of placement, I say just start from the top left and work your way down- don’t get too stressed about keeping the distance between each frame the same- a little uneven is more charming! 

What’s next for your journey in interior design?

Buying our first house and officially starting my dream home renovation! Can’t wait! 


You previously founded and owned a wonderful London Bakery, POP Bakery. Can you tell us a little bit more about this journey?

Oh yes - I started it in my mum's kitchen and worked alongside her for 4 years and then we had our own premises in Queen’s Park for a further 8. Cake pops were just the product I was looking for, something with so much room for creativity. Having started with a simple ball we moved onto incredibly intricate designs and I loved that creative journey. I’m still part of the company now and loving watching it grow- it launched in Selfridges before Christmas and has lots of exciting projects on the horizon! 


Why did you decide to sell the business and at what point in your journey did you make this leap?

After having my second son I found it increasingly difficult to give it the care and attention a small business always needs from its owner. I’m also excited to start working in interiors once the boys are older as I’ve grown into it being my main passion. 

Finally, which Pink City Prints pieces from Spring will you be wearing on repeat, and how will you be styling these?

The floral jumpsuit I’ve been living in in the hot weather. Jumpsuits are always handy as a mum when you don’t have time to think in the morning but this one is so lovely it feels like I’ve made a real effort! 

Styling it with gold hoops and some bright red ballet pumps!


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