Block-print: Explore the Process

Block-print: Explore the Process

A traditional craft process which has been passed down from generation to generation. Block-printing is a complex technique which requires high levels of skill and patience. Each step is completed with the utmost care by a dedicated team of block-printers committed to preserving their ancient craft as well as providing jobs in their communities.

The Process

1. Before printing can begin, the entire length of the fabric is pinned across large tables, filling rows of the block-print studio. We use GOTS certified organic cotton, a natural fibre which creates a light base for printing onto in rich, vibrant colours.


2. Bright and bold dyes are then mixed in buckets, using years of expertise to match the colours to our designs. Master Ji spends hours in the studio perfecting each shade, as well as ensuring the consistency of the dye is right for printing.


3. Each colour is then distributed into trays, where they are layered with cotton sheets which will absorb the liquid in the dye. This allows the artisans to minimise the colour distributed onto the block, so that they can create precise and intricate designs without colours running.


4. The printers can now begin transferring the design onto the fabric, using a dark base colour to outline the motifs onto the full length of the material. A steady hand is required, along with immense concentration, to produce our intricate floral designs and patterns.


5. Once the outline is complete, the block-printers can begin adding the colours to the fabric, printing the entire yardage of the material one shade at a time. Our prints usually use 4 to 5 different colours, and this meticulous process must be repeated for each one.


6. The fabric is then hung up to dry in the warm air. They don’t have washing
or drying machines just the natural elements. Once dry, the fabric is ‘baked’ in a
curing machine.


7. To ensure the fabric is beautifully soft and that the colours hold fast, the
printers wash each roll in vats of water using their hands and feet, before sending on to our stitching units. The team then irons the entire length of the fabric, which provides one final chance to check for the perfect quality!

True slow fashion! 


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