Hand-Loom: True Slow Fashion

Hand-Loom: True Slow Fashion

Hand-looming is a craft technique which requires focus and patience. The skills are handed down through generations and we are passionate about keeping this craft form alive. Hand-looming is incredibly time consuming; in a day, each weaver can make around four meters of fabric, which is roughly enough to make one dress. True slow-fashion.

The Process

1. First the organic cotton is spun by hand.


2. Then the cotton is hand-dyed in vats in the open air.


3. The cotton yarns then dry in the sun.


4. Finally the hand-spun cotton is then delivered to each weaver who hand-looms the cotton on wooden looms which they keep in their home. The weaving community is based in rural villages outside Kolkata. Being freelancers the weavers choose when they wish to work.

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Top left to right: Lorenza Dress, Gingham Rah Rah Skirt

Bottom left to right: Georgie Dress, Jasmine Dress

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