Meet Eleanor Cording-Booth

Meet Eleanor Cording-Booth

Nestled in central London, at the heart of the Barbican, we met the talented Interiors writer, Editor and Consultant Eleanor Cording-Booth in her beautifully curated home. Writer for publications such as House and Garden, Evening standard’s Home and Property, British Vogue and the creator behind @aconsideredspace

Eleanor’s home is full of carefully curated ornaments, earthy tones and striking artwork.  Beautifully thought out with an effortless touch, replicating her own iconic 70’s inspired style. We bring to you an insight into Eleanor’s world of interiors, fashion, inspirations and success behind her iconic waved lampshade she co-designed with Munro & Kerr.


Green Safari Betty Dress


Firstly we have to say congratulations on the success of your gorgeous wavy lampshades, they are wonderful. Where did you draw your inspiration from and did you enjoy the design process? 

Thank you! The inspiration for our wavy lampshade came from various vintage and contemporary versions that I’d seen online (and noticed on the sets of old films, such as Roman Holiday). Wavy lampshades have been around for decades but I never found them available to buy – especially in the right dimensions for a table lamp. I wanted a pair for my bedroom in a very specific size, colour and material, so that’s when I approached lampshade maker Alex from Munro and Kerr to custom-make the ‘perfect’ wavy lampshade for me.


Did you enjoy the design process? 

Creating a product was a really stressful, exciting and fulfilling thing to do and I still feel thrilled whenever I spot one in someone’s home. The prototypes that Alex Munro created just knocked my socks off – I hoped they’d be nice but the attention to detail exceeded my expectations entirely. Alex also nailed my ‘raffia’ brief by finding the most beautiful woven paper, which has become our best-selling signature style. We knew that they were too special to only exist as a pair, so we decided to make 20 and I asked my Instagram followers if anyone wanted to buy one.



What colours and fabrics are you mostly drawn to in interiors?  

I love anything tactile and textured such as rattan, wool, linen, velvet, and jute and I’m least likely to choose materials that feel too glossy or pristine as they’re not comfortable and I’m too clumsy to keep them looking smart. It doesn’t really matter what the time of year is, I’m always drawn to autumnal shades and colours that you’d find in nature – caramel, brown, green, terracotta, etc. I find them very soothing and cosy. I also have a love/hate relationship with the colour blue and have a bit of trouble staying away from it.




How would you best describe your style when it comes to interiors? 

That’s a hard one to answer! So many different elements influence me and the things I choose to buy – from current designers to old books to nostalgia to my travels around the world. My style is a real mixed bag but I always aim for it to be comfortable and mood-lifting; surrounding myself with objects, colours and art that make me feel happy, even if it’s all a bit of a mishmash together. In the age of Instagram, it’s easy to accidentally end up with a homogeneous home, so I’ve made a concerted effort to invest in more vintage than ever and fewer, better quality handmade pieces.


We noticed you have some wonderful artist prints on your social media, who are your favourite artists? 

I do have a couple of prints but in truth, unless they’re limited edition or old, I tend to eschew mass-produced prints in favour of pieces that you won’t see in a thousand other homes.

I don’t have favourite artists per se, I’m more likely to be drawn to specific combinations of colours or shapes, regardless of who created the work. Having said that, a few artists whose work I’ve saved on Instagram recently include: Kate Boxer, Harry Wade, Lucy Naughton, Nathan Isaac and Suzi Joel.



Green Safari Betty Dress


As you’re based in the Barbican, are there any hidden gems which we should know about?

There's Luca if you’re planning a fancy date night and Brutto for a buzzy, fun dinner with friends (get the £5 house negroni and the vodka penne). If you're into coffee, Rosslyn just outside Moorgate station is the best. The one thing we're really lacking around Barbican is an excellent local bakery and decent independent grocery shop, so if any bakers are reading this…


How would you describe your sense of style when it comes to fashion?

My sense of style is never influenced by trends and I couldn’t care less if I’m seen in the same thing multiple times. I invest in basics and wear them for years and years. I live in high-waisted blue denim with Supergas or Converse, quality knitwear and ‘70s-inspired dresses or blouses. Nothing gives me a thrill quite like a blouson sleeve and a pair of oversized sunglasses. I’m currently looking for the perfect tan suede jacket.


Best advice for styling Pink City Prints pieces?

They’re really versatile so you can style them with almost anything! Though, the blue pieces do look especially good paired with brown and tan. I wore my Alpine print Savannah dress with men’s Gucci trainers and a woven shoulder bag for casual burgers in Paris last week, then a couple of days later, I wore it to a wedding with a pair of tan slingback heels and a little raffia handbag.


Follow Eleanor: @aconsideredspace

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