Meet Layla Andrews

Meet Layla Andrews

Inspired by a lifelong love of second-hand treasures, artist Layla Andrews is a master of turning the seemingly mundane into expressive works of art. Known for her rich and unexpected colour palettes, visible brush strokes and thought-provoking compositions, she is definitely one to watch. We met Layla at her new studio, already painted a playful, mustard hue that reflects Layla’s incredible eye for colour.


Firstly, thank you for having us to your new studio - although you’ve just moved in, the place already has a warmth to it. What drew you to South London and how long have you been based there?

No problem at all, thanks for coming by! I have flip-flopped from Brighton and South London for some time now as I love the city but I love the sea. I have recently moved back and it feels wonderful to be here. South London feels like a great balance. It offers the liveliness that you would associate with a large city but also possesses a peaceful, green and smaller community feel to it. It is a great place to feel inspired, meet people and also to be fed. 


Violet Cosmos Marbella Dress


Tell us a little about your journey as an artist. At what point did you realise you had the potential to make your passion for art a fulltime venture?

I feel very lucky to have discovered my passion early in life, I have been painting since I was a teenager. I realised from a young age I was able to make money from painting which was hugely encouraging; I have been doing it ever since. 




What advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?

I would say, make sure to always try and create art that you love. Creative industries are subjective but making art that speaks to you and that you would like on your walls is so important.


African Candy Meryl Dress


What has been your most special moment to date?

Earlier this year I had an exhibition at Soho Revue. The collection was based on my family's trip to St Helena in October. St Helena is where my granddad grew up, it is also one of the most remote islands in the world. We had never been able to visit before as an airport had not been built until recently. Visiting the island was an opportunity to experience some of my grandfather’s stories first hand, meet family members and learn more about his birthplace. This experience, the people, the nature, food and colours naturally inspired what became Bastard Gumwood, a collection dear to my heart.



Where do you draw inspiration for your pieces from?

I take a lot of inspiration from the sea, the natural world, as well as family stories and my love of antiques and second hand goods. I love exploring unlikely pairings. There is definitely a cross section somewhere where all these things meet in my work. 


Violet Cosmos Marbella Dress


We love your rich use of colour and expressive brush strokes. What are your favourite mediums and how did you find your niche style?

Thank you! Colour has always played a central role within my work. The colour palette I use in my paintings is reflective of the colours I love at that moment, so it changes and evolves. Oil, acrylic and oil pastel are my primary go-tos. I paint a lot on board as well as canvas as I often paint with my hands and layering paint/oil pastel onto board works really well. 



Finally, which PCP pieces from the new collection are your favourite and why?

I absolutely love the black bug dress! The silver and gold embroidery is very special. It's a great party number. I also love the pink dress- it is joyful to see some colour in these gloomy, winter months.

Bug Embroidery Jolie Mini


Follow Layla on instagram: @laylandrews


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