Meet Leah Melby Clinton & Hannah Weil McKinley

Meet Leah Melby Clinton & Hannah Weil McKinley

Meet the wonderful Leah Melby Clinton and Hannah Well McKinley; writers, editors and founders of the biannual magazine ‘In Kind’. Together they have created a unique platform that champions slow, considered content, combining thought-provoking articles with fashion advice, parenting know-how and a visual aesthetic to inspire any Pinterest board. We were lucky enough to catch up with both of them as they navigate the changing seasons, from motherhood to new careers, to living a life with no limitations. 


Congratulations on the first anniversary of In Kind magazine. Tell us what 'conscious content' means to you? 

Leah - Stories, conversations, musings, and wonderings that are thoughtful in every way, from inception to creation to the edited product. Nearly everything that goes into every issue of In Kind is born of something we’ve been curious about or struggled with. 

Hannah - Echoing Leah, I think ‘conscious content’ is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. There’s so much that can be consumed during an ambient TV show or scrolling through our phones during the workday. This is very much the opposite; it’s the stuff that requires your full attention—the questions that have kept us up at night or pondered at dinners with girlfriends.


Hannah (left) wears: Cornflower Dahlia Rah Rah MidLeah (right) wears: Forget Me Not Robyn Dress


What are some of your favourite highlights since launching and what is something you have each learned through this project? 

Leah - The highlight, always, is hearing from people that a story resonates with them or that they love what we’re doing. I came into In Kind absolutely certain I was not an “entrepreneur”—I work well in corporate environments and had never been the type of person who wanted to be my own boss. Throughout each small step we’ve made, I’ve really learned there are so many different types of entrepreneurs and that, as a total surprise to me, I had some of that grit inside of me. 

Hannah - The highlight is absolutely in building this community—both the women who read and subscribe, and those who have been a part of the issues as sources and muses. I’ve had the chance to interview a couple of my personal heroes, and been delighted to see how they’ve embraced our little project and rallied behind the issues in support. It’s been overwhelming, truly—and deeply rewarding. 


What is something you admire about each other as friends, business partners, mothers etc? 

Leah - It’s so hard to pick one! From the beginning, I’ve admired Hannah’s kindhearted nature. It’s so authentic and inherent to who she is—there’s nothing superficial about the way she lives her life, conducts her business, or treats people.

Hannah - There are so many things about Leah that I’ve admired since our early days working together in digital media, she’s someone who operates from such a genuine place—always—there’s no pretence with her. She’s someone whose innate curiosity and desire to connect drives her ideation and her interviews, and you can feel that in every story she tells. It keeps me motivated and holds me accountable.


Tell us about the beautiful cover artwork - where does the inspiration come from and where do you source these? 

Leah - We’ve been so lucky to collaborate with some incredible female artists who understand what we’re doing and see the vision. Issue no. 3 featured an image of a beautiful textile the wonderful Sophie Williamson created—interviewing her for the accompanying feature and hearing how she’d pivoted from a very driven sales career to creating this creative design studio was so inspiring and exciting. No. 4 is a landscape painting by Maine-based artist Sarah Madeira Day that spoke to mine and Hannah’s love of nature and fit with the organic feel of everything In Kind. No. 5 should be gorgeous with a custom print an amazing designer is working on for us right now—we can’t wait for people to see it! In general, I’d say we love showcasing female artists who fit easily into the In Kind world.


Hannah (left) wears: Cornflower Dahlia Rah Rah MidLeah (right) wears: Forget Me Not Robyn Dress


What topics are you most excited to explore in future issues? 

Leah - We’re writing and editing no. 5 now, and I’m feeling especially excited about a sort of follow-up piece to something in the current issue that explores doubt. If you’ve decided to sell house and move or quit your job for a new opportunity, how do you handle the doubt that invariably creeps in? How do we greet that worry and let it pass? 

Hannah - For me, it’s become obvious that so many of us are navigating the strangeness of the world and feeling an underlying or growing sense of anxiety taking hold. Conversations with friends I’ve had lately have all pointed to this feeling of “white knuckling” through what seems like one bad news cycle after the next. I can’t claim to have all the answers, but it felt like this was something we had to talk about.—For real!


Leah we love your #commuterstyle IG posts - how have you each seen your style evolve over the past couple years and through life/career changes? 

Leah - Oh—thank you! The combination of moving into motherhood and remote work has meant that I rarely, if ever, wear something that’s uncomfortable or restrictive. I love prints and color and long dresses and skirts, all things Pink City Prints does so well. There’s such joy and pure pleasure that comes with taking something off a hanger that I want to wear, that makes me feel happy or fancy or romantic, and getting to spend all day in it. 

We know you love a handwritten note, what are some other small acts of kindness you enjoy sharing and/or receiving? 

Leah - I’m all about giving compliments (and receiving them gracefully—I think we all are doing ourselves a disservice if we try to brush nice words off or say, “No, no!”). Whether it’s big or small, giving a compliment is the easiest way to let someone know they’re appreciated and seen, and I think that always feels good to people. 


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