Meet Timna Woollard

Meet Timna Woollard

In the heart of bustling London, Timna Woolard’s home is an artistic haven with serene white walls contrasting the vibrant artworks that decorate them. Timna’s latest project, a collection of wallpaper designs inspired by Matisse, takes the centre stage. As well as building a reputation for incredibly intricate paintings in vibrant colours, Timna is also well-known for her beautiful interior pieces, so it is no surprise that she has recently branched out to wallpapers. With a degree in Fine Art, Timna matches her impressive artistic skills with an extensive knowledge of art history, confidently talking through her muses and how she uses the past to inspire the future. Her website is one to watch as you won’t want to miss her upcoming launch.



Looking at your art, it’s easy to spot a few clear themes coming through. Can you tell us a bit about where you draw inspiration from?

There are two distinctive strains to my art practice, commissioned decorative artwork and intensely personal painting. Both are influenced by my love of the past, figurative and abstract. 

On reflection, my inspiration comes from exposure at a very early age to art history, amazing interiors, costume, paintings and architecture. As a child growing up with art director parents in the film industry, I was totally immersed. 

As themes I find I revisit the films of Fellini, interiors of Mongiardino, Matisse, Rothko, De Chirico and always the Renaissance with Pietro Della Francesca and Uccello.  Although I have an extensive library of reference, I rarely look at them as my photographic memory seems to store colour, style, imagery, pattern and image to an extraordinary degree.




What has been your proudest moment to date?

Seeing my work in Sir John Boorman’s 1990 Film “Where the Heart is” on the big screen

Fashion and art have a lot of overlap - do you see a link between your artistic style and what you like to wear?

I love fashion. My artistic style and what I like to wear are both eclectic and influenced from both past and present. I was a full on New Romantic in the early 80’s and thought nothing of dressing up in a crinoline to paint & go to the supermarket. I think I can safely say that I now tend to go back again and again to the 1970s for inspiration. Style Icon Veruschka, Pre-Raphaelite,  classic camp, and film characters of the time, both period and modern.


What advice would you give to young creatives looking to build a career in the arts?

Start by really thinking about what makes you most happy and where your skill set is, then talk to people you admire in that field. Have images of your work to show your skills. Start by being an assistant to someone who’s work you like. Be and sound keen, helpful and enthusiastic.

What’s a must-have clothing item everyone should own?

A good supporting bra with wide shoulder straps for comfort.

Heels or flats or sneakers?

Platform heels or bare feet!

What makes you smile the most?

Talking to my girlfriends about online dating, it's comedy gold.

Finally, which are your favourite Pink City Prints pieces and why?

I love the Tamsin  Dress and Savannah Dress they are both so feminine and flattering with beautiful prints and colours. They take me back to boho chic of the ‘70’s. The high waistline really suits me and most other people too.

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