Meet Reena - Designer, Maker and Business Owner

Meet Reena - Designer, Maker and Business Owner

Sketching, stitching and even training in tattoo art - there's never a dull moment in Reena's life. We've caught up with our sampling assistant to find out how she manages to run her own business in the midst of a pandemic, as well as what keeps her busy outside of working hours!

A creative journey

Living in Jaipur, Reena is one of the few women in her area who independently runs her own business, however her journey to getting to this place has not always been a smooth one. When Covid-19 hit,  Reena was one of millions who was badly affected by the pandemic, losing a number of her clients, and a lot of her income. It was at this point though, that she became determined to make her own business work. With encouragement from Molly, she set up her own stitching unit, employing a group of hard-working, local tailors and providing much-needed work for her community. Her next step is to bring her husband alongside her in running the business!

Having been creative her whole life, Reena has had such an interesting journey. She has been a designer for a range of companies for over twelve years, and has kept up many other creative interests, from wall art to painting and drawing. Reena always wanted to be a qualified tattoo artist, and made the decision to do a one year course to perfect the art. She now loves creating intricate tattoos as a hobby, as well as travelling to music festivals with friends. 

Reena is a huge asset to our team as she remains calm in the mist of what seems chaos at times! We have been especially thankful to her over the last year as we've had to adapt to 'virtual sampling'. We are very excited to launch our new accessory collection, which she's made with great care with her incredible new team. Keep an eye out for Reena's two favourite dresses, The Bahama Dress and The Reena Dress! 

Letters from the Pink City

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