Meet Domenica Marland

Meet Domenica Marland

Following a lifelong passion for art and background in art history, Domenica Marland took the leap to set up her own online gallery in 2018. Since then, Domenica has expanded into exclusive homeware collaborations, pop-ups on Kings Road and has grown her range to include more and more independent artists. With an eye for colour and selecting timeless, original pieces, Domenica carefully curates her galleries to include a diverse range of artistic talent. Domenica’s passion for supporting small businesses is so evident across her work, and it was a real joy to meet her in person!


It was so lovely to meet you, thank you for having us over! Firstly, we’d love to know about where your passion for art began and when you first realised you wanted to make a career out of it?

Thank you for having me! I’ve always been such a fan of Pink City Prints. My passion for art began at school from my two incredible history of art teachers. They inspired me to view artworks holistically and look at the narratives behind them for traces of history. From then, I never looked back and studied history of art in both undergraduate and masters. In my spare time I took up jobs in galleries and art fairs to gain as much experience as possible.


You’ve set up a beautifully curated online gallery of unique artists. How do you find new artists to work with and what do you look for when sourcing pieces?


I have very specific taste and feel quite strongly that it should be showcased across our curation to ensure gallery has a sense of personality. I find it important to stay true to my taste by choosing pieces I would want to buy personally. This hopefully results in a personal and curated collection. I very often reach out to artists I admire on instagram or the artists reach out to us via our open calls. It's always so wonderful to hear from different artists that the instagram algorithm doesn’t submit you to.


You’ve also recently expanded to homeware, including some of your own designs. What inspired you to add this to your offering?

A huge aim in setting up our online gallery was to showcase how art can be situated within your home. When curating our pop-ups we would always ensure we had furniture and home accessories on sale that enhance the artworks. This resulted in a welcoming exhibition space rather than a white walled gallery. From this, I embarked on relationships with homeware brands I loved, therefore a transition to selling homeware felt very natural. This also came at a time when the cost of living crisis felt very real and buyers were less inclined to spend that bit extra on a handmade piece via a small businesses than they would at a high street shop where it would be cheaper. I saw so many brands struggling as a result, therefore I created a space to encourage my customers to shop small at a time that is most important to support smaller brands.


What has been the biggest highlight of your career to date?

My highlight so far was our Kings Road pop-up last summer in which we coincided with the launch of DM Home. It was so wonderful to showcase our homewares with our existing artworks and meet so many new customers. I was also overwhelmed by the wonderful press attention we received, it made me feel really proud.


What has been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome this?

I think our biggest challenge was the previous year. With people spending and buying less, it felt daunting to see our sales decrease from previous years. There are so many wonderful galleries and websites across the market now, it felt hard to stand out against them. I had to have faith that this was just a tricky financial time and stay strong despite lower sales.


What advice would you give to someone looking to invest in art for their home?

Steer away from buying artworks for a particular space. Often I get customers saying they ‘don’t know where it would go’. I’ve learnt that there is always a place. If you love something, buy it, you will never regret buying an artwork that speaks to you. They are lifelong investments that never go out of fashion. Also I am a true believer that buying art does not have to be expensive!


Finally, which Pink City Prints pieces will you be wearing on repeat this Summer and why?

Every single Pink City dress is stunning and easy to wear. I love my new pink stripe dresses that can act as beachwear or the perfect throw-on for a hot day in a London pub. I will be wearing them repeatedly with a basket and sandles this summer! I can’t wait.

Instagram: @domenicamarland


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