Born from a respect for our artisans and desire to keep craft alive, the wellbeing of our makers comes first. We ensure all of our tailors are paid and treated fairly.


Each one of our pieces has been worked on by hand, using techniques that have been perfected and passed down for generations.


Our small batch production ensures no waste is sent to landfill, and only sustainable materials are used to make our dresses.

Pink City Prints

Molly’s designs are inspired by the city’s sights, sounds, smells and famous tiled walls, and characterised by vibrant colour and floral details.

Summer 22

Our new collection plays with vintage silhouettes, reimagining quaint prairie dresses in vibrant prints that speak directly to the modern woman.

Pink City Prints was founded to preserve the traditional crafts of India's Pink City, Jaipur, and our collections speak to a more thoughtful, authentic way of life.

Letters from the Pink City

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