Hand Loom

Hand looming is a technique that produces beautifully soft and bright fabrics. Made in villages outside of Kolkata, the cotton thread is hand-spun and then hand dyed before being delivered to the weaver’s home, where it is woven into fabric on wooden looms.

Hand looming is incredibly time-consuming. It takes a whole day to produce enough fabric to make a single dress. But once finished, the fabric has a richness in texture unique to the hand looming process.

The earliest evidence of a horizontal loom is found on a pottery dish in ancient Egypt, dated to 4400 BC.

Hand woven fabrics from India account for 95% of the world’s production of hand woven fabric.

The handloom industry is the second largest employment sector after agriculture in rural India.

Meet the Artisans

Vijay Prakash Batham

Aged seventy, Vijay is one of the most experienced printers in the Pink City Prints team, with over fourty years perfecting the craft. Alongside his job, Vijay has raised six children, ensuring that all were given a good education and a chance to follow their dreams. To his delight, one of his children has chosen to follow his footsteps and become a printer, preserving the family’s traditional craft techniques. Outside of work, Vijay has a keen interest in politics, movies and the news, staying up to date with current affairs at all times.

Shanky Batham

Raised in a family of dedicated block-printers, Shanky was taught the craft as a teenager by his father. Six years later, he now makes a living through block-printing. He loves that the job is always varied, with new designs and colours to experiment with. In his freetime, he enjoys relaxing with his family and is proud that he can preserve a craft passed down through the generations.

Kazim Khan

Aged twenty-one, Kazim’s love of embroidery began during childhood when he watched his grandfather creating beautiful pieces. His father, who was also a keen embroiderer, then taught Kazim the craft, preserving the family’s skills and unique techniques. Kazim keeps busy outside of work by visiting museums, watching sports and travelling.

Harun Khan

Harun is the first printer in his family, choosing the profession due to the varied nature of the job and the chance to see new designs and colours every day. With six years of experience, Harun’s work is extremely neat with amazing attention to detail. Outside of the printing unit, Harun spends time visiting museums, socialising with friends and relaxing with his family.

Letters from the Pink City

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