Meet Butter Wakefield

Meet Butter Wakefield

The warm smell of fresh pastries greets us as we step into Butter Wakefield’s magical world of colour, vibrance and greenery. It comes as no surprise that Garden Designer Butter Wakefield would surround herself with nature, decorating the house with plants of all shapes and sizes. We were lucky enough to spend the morning catching up over breakfast, discussing Butter’s creative journey, go-to work style and why she can’t live without her Rah Rah dresses.



Visiting your home, it’s evident that you have a real eye for natural beauty and a passion for gardens and interiors. At what point did you decide to make a career out of garden design?  

I knew it was time for a change from the inside to the out, when our second baby came along.  I yearned to spend more time with my young children and to perhaps march to the beat of my own drum a bit more.  After lots of learning, garden design seemed a natural next step for me!  


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You worked in interior design too for a few years. What did you learn from this experience?  

I learned so much about the principles of good design:  scale, colour, form, pattern and texture.  I think it helped me hugely see everything in a broader, more focused light.  


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It’s exciting to collaborate with another female-led business. What’s been the biggest challenge of being your own boss?  

I think the hardest thing about running your own business is learning to take time off (which I am NOT VERY GOOD AT) and learning to trust your instincts and all the experience gained from years and years of hard work.  It can also be tricky not to worry too much!! 

What do you love most about running your own brand? 

 I think the creative process is the most exciting part of our daily work.  Creating clever, beautiful, purposeful design and detail is a JOY!! I adore my work, and feel so lucky to work so closely with such a gorgeous bunch of young highly skilled girls.


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What’s your go-to work style? 

 I am a jeans and over-sized shirt kind of girl.  I do also love a functional comfy coat, with a bit of pattern and colour.  Tweed is definitely a big friend of mine

And finally, which are your favourite Pink City Prints pieces and why?

I have two gorgeously pretty Pink City Rah Rah Dresses and they never fail to make me feel and look cool and put together.  You pull them on and go, heaven!!  


Follow Butter on Instagram:  @butterwakefield

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