Meet Harling Ross Anton

Meet Harling Ross Anton

We met the talented Harling Ross Anton, New York based creative consultant, writer and stylist. She is the queen of tablescaping and all things interiors, with a unique ability to curate and combine interesting colours and patterns. We love her approach to design, fashion and fun sense of humour which really shines through her writing and Instagram account @harlingross. 


You have such a great eye and sense of style, where are your favourite places to shop in New York?

Thank you, that's so nice! I do most of my shopping online these days, but there are a handful of local places I love to stop in just for the eye candy experience: the BODE store on the Lower East Side, MUSE and The End of History in the West Village, any of the MoMA Design Stores, and Zitomer's on the Upper East Side (to ogle the hair clips). 


Buttercup Gingham Lorenza Dress

Where do you find your inspiration when working on a styling project?

My iPhone camera roll is a mess of inspiration screenshots from around the internet that I always swear to myself I'm going to organise but never do. I also really like using, which my friend Megan recently introduced me to. 


Tell us about your necklace…

I made it by pinning an old brooch to a bit of black cord and super-gluing on a magnetised clasp at the back. Whenever I wear it someone inevitably asks if I've got Ariel's voice stored inside of it.  


Ocean Swirl Evelyn Dress


What are you currently reading and watching?

Reading: The Palace Papers, Tina Brown's dishy account of the British royal family's recent history. Watching: Severance on Apple TV -- I just started so it's hard to give a verdict on the plot just yet, but so far it's sufficiently unsettling.


How do you unwind when not making and creating

I take a lot of walks, especially when the weather is nice. I like it better than pretty much any other form of exercise. Probably because I can people-watch the whole time. 


Ocean Swirl Evelyn Dress


And do you have a recipe you love?

My favourite cocktail recipe: 1 part ginger honey simple syrup (boil chopped ginger with water and honey over the stove for ~30 minutes), 1 part lemon juice, and 1 part tequila with lots of ice. 


Follow Harling on instagram: @harlingross

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