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Naturally Sourced Fabric

We make our collections from high quality, ethically sourced fabrics. We support farmers that use traditional farming techniques, safeguarding their communities and the land. All our fabrics are plastic, pesticide and cruelty free.

Organic Cotton

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Organic cotton is naturally sourced. It is a light, breathable and comfortable fabric. All of our cotton is GOTS certified, meaning that our farmers work to the highest ethical and environmental standards, using no pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. This keeps the farmer, the local community and the environment safe. Created with a conscience, our organic cotton pieces are designed to become wardrobe favourites for many years to come.

Pink City Prints Raspberry Gingham Ava Dress

Hand Spun Cotton

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Hand looming is a technique that produces beautifully soft and bright fabrics. Made in villages outside of Kolkata, the cotton thread is hand-spun and then hand dyed before being delivered to the weaver’s home, where it is woven into fabric on wooden looms.

Hand looming is incredibly time-consuming. It takes a whole day to produce enough fabric to make a single dress. But once finished, the fabric has a richness in texture unique to the hand looming process.

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