Meet Nina and Blanca

Meet Nina and Blanca

Tucked away just moments from Notting Hill Gate, Nina Litchfield’s home is a testament to her interior eye; every detail carefully considered and beautifully finished. There’s heavenly floral wallpapers, statement works of art and an immaculately ordered library finished with a charming wooden ladder to reach all the books. We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Nina and her business partner, Blanca Pérez González, catching up on all things interior and playing dress-up with our new collection. Not only do the duo know how to assemble the perfect room, they also have a contagious energy and zest for life that’s impossible to miss.


Nina (left) wears: Sweet Pea Isabel Top | Blanca (right) wears: Sky Florentina Abigail Dress


The interior design business you two have set up together is heavenly! Can you tell us about the moment Nina Litchfield Studios was born? 

Nina: So, Nina Litchfield Studios was born in this incarnation in august 2022. We both had been working together in the past in a different set up and we knew that we have a very good working relationship. After the first lock down I called Blanca and said: “Do you want to join NLS??” She was about to go into hospital to give birth to her daughter Margherita, and said “Yes sure!” not knowing what she was getting herself into!! Then we have our first little project, a boys bedroom and the rest is history!!


Nina wears: Striped Bow from Mix Scrunchie Set and Emerald Stripe Serena Dress


You’ve both had impressive careers before starting your own business, we’d love to hear more. 

Blanca: I worked in several architectural practices of different sizes in Madrid, Berlin and Shanghai, including David Chipperfield Architects. And in 2019 I decided to try to work by myself - I worked on a couple of projects until Nina called me and we joined forces. 

Nina: I have been working as an interior designer since 2013. I originally had a company with another friend of mine and went solo in 2018 until Blanca joined me in 2022!


Nina wears:  Emerald Stripe Serena Dress


How would you describe your design aesthetic when it comes to interiors? 

Nina: We are great believers in timeless design - we don’t believe in trends. It’s always about mixing and layering until you get to the sweet spot! It’s about helping out clients create a functional, cosy home they are happy in!! Interiors influence us so much and how we feel!

 Blanca wears: Bow from Mix Scrunchie Set and Sky Florentina Abigail Dress

What are your top tips for creating the perfect living space? 

Nina: Listen to your gut! When it feels wrong it probably is. Think about how you will feel in the future and whether you will still like it. And always consider the practical aspect of any interior. No point in looking good if it’s not functional. Residential interiors to us need to be cosy and inviting.

Nina wears: Sweet Pea Isabel Top and Striped Bow from Mix Scrunchie Set


Do you ever have different opinions when it comes to design decisions? How do you work through these and work together as a team? 

Blanca: We have different points of view all the time! But what’s priceless of our relationship is that we give each other space and we always communicate with respect and patience.

Nina: And sometimes we simply give the other one a leap of faith! It usually works out!!

 Nina wears: Forest Rose Margot Dress

As well as running your business, you’re both busy with your families. How do you balance your time? 

Nina: We try to find time in the day to do all the important things for us. Blanca leaves the office early as she has a commute to work, so she has time to get home and spend some time with her daughter before bed time and depending on the workload we have a zoom after dinner even when kids are in bed and we can concentrate again. Sometimes you're just exhausted!!

Blanca wears: Mini Blossom Ava Top


Which Pink City Prints Spring pieces are you most excited to wear? 

Nina: The stripy Serena dress! It’s chic and easy to wear and super comfortable!! Perfect for Brazil!!! Can’t wait to wear it ‼️

Blanca: I love the blouses! So versatile and feminine, I can’t wait to make it my summer uniform.


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