Meet Aindrea Emelife

Meet Aindrea Emelife

Aindrea Emelife is an art historian, writer, independent curator, author and presenter from London. At only 20 years old Aindrea debuted her first column for the Financial times and since has been published worldwide in publications such as The Guardian, Vanity Fair, The telegraph, BBC, GQ, Frieze, just to name a few. Aindrea is a powerful, innovative and dynamic voice within the art industry. Cultivating true impact through different curations and using her platform to champion female and black artists of colour, popularising art history and how art can create global change. Aindrea’s passion is reflected in her own art, through her extraordinary use of vivid colour, bold shapes, created in a huge range of mediums. Aindrea is a truly inspiring and exceptional woman, and let us not forget her electric wardrobe of dresses!


It is lovely to meet you, Aindrea. You are so talented and are established worldwide, did you always know you wanted to work in the Arts? 

I did! Art was always a solace to me. Ever since I was a little girl, museums were safe havens. Places where my determined curiosity was rewarded and flourished. I was lucky to find this connection organically, and even luckier to receive bursaries and grants to enable a higher education study of art history Art A Level and The Courtauld. I want to make art and art history meaningful to more people, and so I find different ways of telling stories.


Fluoro Ditsy Maree Dress


What has been a personal career highlight so far? 

My first big career highlight was writing for the FInancial Times aged 19. My most recent career highlight is my latest exhibition, my first museum show in the USA - Black Venus at Fotografiska New York. I'm very tough on myself - there's a lot I hope to achieve. 


What do you find you are mostly drawn to when starting a new project?

The art and the artists. I want to get to know the artist and the art. It's the most important part. Artists are centre stage - they are vital communicators in this world.


What is your favourite gallery to visit in London?

So many! 
Sapling, Ed Cross, Saatchi Yates for a first look at talent.
Goodman Gallery and Hauser and Wirth to push my intellectual buttons.
Sadie Coles for seriously cool and beautifully curated exhibitions.


Puglia Agapanthus Ellie Dress


You have the most amazing style, what are your go to brands and places to shop?

I am actually a huge fashion history geek. I actually started as a fashion journalist aged 15... Unsure how many people know this but they do now!  I love trawling through Etsy, ebay, Depop etc to find certain key pieces from past collections.  Shopping from small businesses who are passionate about sourcing pieces really resonates with me. 


Best book you’ve read?

Philip Guston's I Paint What I Want To See is my most recent read and so my favourite. He is one of the most important and influential American painters of the last 100 years and I am fascinated about how artists see the world, art and their own art. 


What are you currently working on? Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

I'm working on many things, most of which can't be announced yet! Principally, I am working on the tour of my latest exhibition, Black Venus, which opened at Fotografiska New York this past May. I have a few projects set for the end of the year and next year so keep an eye out! 


Puglia Buta Jessica Dress


Favourite Pink City Prints summer dress?

Anyone who knows me, will know I love a mini dress! So I am in love with Puglia Buta Jessica Dress.  However, i am also a big fan of the Mint Trellis Isabel High Neck Dress for when I want to pretend I'm in Bridgerton.


Follow Aindrea on instagram: @aindreaemelife

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