Meet Phoebe Boddy

Meet Phoebe Boddy

With a degree in fine art and a seemingly endless list of exhibitions under her belt, Phoebe Boddy is an easily recognisable artist, known for her bold use of colour and striking compositions. Not only is her work visually stunning, it is also filled with meaning; her latest series ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ looks into reversing gender stereotypes through a series of women painted in what may be considered ‘masculine’ poses and situations. The result is a witty, clever series of paintings which both look great and empower women at the same time.


Visiting your studio last week was so inspiring, thank you for having us! Can you tell us a little more about your art career to date? How long have you been a full time artist for?

Ah, thank you so much, it was so lovely to have you guys there! I have been an Artist now for about 4 years professionally. I would say it really kick started when I made the plunge to move to London and find myself my first studio. Then the dream became reality! 


Where do you typically draw inspiration from?

My main sources of inspiration are everyday things I see and hear. Most paintings have come from something I’ve seen or heard which my brain will then turn into a visual and present itself to me. It’s funny how the brain connects these things and turns it into something completely different. 


You have a very bold and playful use of colour - what is your advice to those wanting to experiment more with colour, either through fashion or art?

Go for it! Colour brings joy – it is scientifically proven! I have a bold colourful piece of art from one of my favourite artists on the wall opposite my bed. Every day I wake up to it and it genuinely makes my heart sing. I sit there with a coffee and stare at it. The same goes for fashion, wearing a beautifully patterned Pink City Prints dress has the ability to change your day for the better, how fabulous is that? Do it for you! 


You have just completed a solo show at the Nomad Salon in London. What was the theme to the collection you showed and what was the inspiration behind this? 

The title of the show was ‘Reverse Cowgirl’. The underlying theme being this idea of reversing stereotypical gender ‘roles’. All my paintings depict badass female figures empowered by embodying the traditional cowboy persona, exuding the tough, masculine energy long associated with Western Cowboy culture. I wanted to represent women for the female gaze; when looking at my paintings I want women to see themselves and feel this sense of strength and fearlessness.  


What has been your proudest moment to date?

Reverse Cowgirl for sure. 


What can we expect to see of more in your future pieces?

More women for women. 


Where can we purchase your art?

☺ Here


Finally, what are your favourite pieces from the new Pink City Prints collection and why?

I am now the proud owner of the Celine Dress, it is so uniquely beautiful, a stand out piece surely for any occasion. Styled with a pair of cowboy boots it will make anyone feel like a badass.


Instagram: @p_bod_

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