Meet Madeline O’Malley

Meet Madeline O’Malley

Madeline O’Malley, Market Director of Architectural Digest is known for her exquisite taste, knowledge and expert eye for trends and design. Madeline keeps the publication fresh, full of newness and insightful content. We speak to Madeline about her beautiful sense of style, New York living, hosting secrets and interiors.


When did you know the world of design is what you wanted to work in? 

I’ve been passionate about design for as long as I can remember, but was more drawn to the world of publishing and magazines than anything. When I began my career as an assistant at Architectural Digest, I began to understand the depth of the design industry and how many lovely and exciting micro worlds exist within it. But my greatest interest is really how people live - a peek into the window if you will. 


How do you go about finding young and upcoming creatives and designers?

Everywhere I can - trade shows, Instagram, friends of friends, bopping around town. I love interacting with the great shop owners - John Derian, Kate Brodsky, Jamie Creel, etc. A market editor and a shop curator have so much crossover.



 How would you describe your own personal style in fashion and interiors? 

Both seem to constantly change depending on an era or vibe I get excited about - but both are probably equally rooted in bohemia. I love the mix - I sometimes find it hard to define other than to say I know it when I see it. 


You love to entertain. How do you do that in NYC? What do you cook? Where do you buy flowers? What do you like to serve…

The key to NYC entertaining, at my age at least, is simplicity and organisation. My apartment is tiny, so those bamboo folding chairs from Amazon are a must. I find that people are so excited to be invited for dinner at home - we’re just constantly going to restaurants. 

I collect tableware so it’s always a blast to come up with something theme-y. For flowers, if I have time I always go to Dutch Flower Line on 28th Street that morning or its bodega. For food I tend to make a big leafy salad, a great loaf of bread, a big bowl of pesto pasta - which can be made to look so jolly with basil and toasted pine nuts on top. It’s so fun to have Champagne or Prosecco chilled when people arrive - old school festive. 


Forget Me Not Isabel V Neck TopForget Me Not Rah Rah Skirt


 And who is your dream dinner party guest? 

I hate to admit that I feel like I read this somewhere else, but I’ve never heard of a better answer…Captain von Trapp. Love of my life. 


 How do you unwind when not working and traveling? 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Real Housewives of Beverly HiIlls. 


 And do you have a recipe you love? 

 The recipe I go back to over and over and over again is a red lentil coconut curry soup from Yotam Ottolenghi. It’s incredibly warming and soothing in the winter, but I find that with a crisp salad on the side, it can also work well in the summer. It’s even better the next day. Recipe HERE 


Follow Madeline on Instagram: @madelineomalley_ 

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