Meet Daisy de Villeneuve

Meet Daisy de Villeneuve

With an iconic, playful style and bold use of colour, designer and artist Daisy de Villeneuve is a woman of many talents. As well as illustrating everything from packaging for Moet & Chandon to T-Shirts for the V&A, Daisy has several books published, including the wonderful ‘I Should Have Said’, which brings to life all the comebacks Daisy wishes she’d said out loud. We visited her colour-blocked Camden flat, a treasure trove of quirky art and all of her latest projects.


Firstly, thank you for having us in your Camden flat - it’s a true creative heaven! How long have you been based in London and what do you love most about the city?

I have been living in Camden for almost 8 years now, before that I lived in Paris, in the Marais for 3 years… 

Camden is pretty central as far as transport, plus a diverse neighbourhood which I like. London always has something fun going on culturally, always places to explore - I was born in London but I discover new things about the city all the time!


You’ve studied at the Parsons School of Design in both New York and Paris - tell us a little about both please and how this experience shaped you as a creative.

I’m half American, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study in New York which I loved! Mid ’90’s in NYC was epic. I lived downtown on Mulberry & East Houston Street, just at the start of that neighbourhood thriving… luckily! I landed in that spot by happenstance. I met some of my closest friends during that time and I felt very free as far as being an artist and an individual! I do regret not taking more photos of that time/era, this was pre email and social media!

Parsons has a Paris campus therefore I was keen to study there too. At the time there were very few students - it was very laid back, people would often bring their dogs into the classroom, but perhaps that’s very French too!?! It was intimate yet creatively free… 


After graduating, where did you start looking for your first project?

After I graduated my first job was at a production company. Soon after that a friend was working in a boutique in Notting Hill Gate and she suggested I show my work! I showcased my Parsons graduation work, some paintings and drawings, that evening on the night of the show I was approached by Pocko Editions, they commissioned me to do my first book, ‘He Said She Said’. This later led to Topshop commissioning me to do their shoeboxes followed by a range of household products. After that I soon got a website and commissions followed… fun times! That, I am extremely grateful for… it was a fantastic time for me creatively! 


Your work is so varied and exciting, such a lovely range. What has been your favourite project to date and why?

I get asked this a lot, but I really do love every project! I enjoy developing ideas with brands that I have often been a big fan of, that’s super fun… 

Perhaps, it’s the books that I have written & illustrated, ‘He Said She Said’, ‘I Told You So’, and ‘I Should Have Said’,  that have felt the most meaningful, as it's my own personal experiences through the years, sort of like a diary that I’ve kept note of… 


We love your playful style and use of colour - how did you develop your signature look and what inspires you?

I started drawing with felt tips since the age of three & stuck with it! As a teenager I would write friends letters with different coloured pens on the envelopes and for my graduation show at Parsons, the drawings were in felt tips, so I was pretty committed to it… 

I love colour too! I’m inspired by everyday events, could be someone on the bus/tube with cool nails or pink hair, whatever catches my eye. I jot down notes and sketches all the time.


Do you ever get creative block, and if so how do you overcome it?

All the time! I definitely struggle with it. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts, read, hit the gym, go out; visit a museum/gallery to get inspiration, perhaps even chatting with a friend can be helpful!


What advice would you give for aspiring artists and creatives?

Intern, get work experience and talk to people in the field you’re curious about. Gather as much information as possible!! 


Finally, which PCP pieces will you be wearing this winter and how will you be styling them?

I love them all…! 

I’ve been wearing Kermit Rose Margot dress with some ’70’s style shocking pink high heels! 

Follow Daisy on Insta: @daisy_de_villeneuve

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