Meet Susie Atkinson

Meet Susie Atkinson

As we entered an unassuming door off a busy Soho street, stepping into one of Interior Designer Susie Atkinson’s projects, you could not have imagined the little or should I say large slice of heaven that awaited on the other side. Light poured in, every detail and space had been thoughtfully taken care of. From floor-to-ceiling bookcases filled with vintage treasures to the sculptured circle chair which not only looks great, but is a joy to sit in too. We caught up with Interior Designer Susie Atkinson and daughter Rosie. They bounce styling ideas off one another seamlessly, pairing easy flats with our latest breezy cotton dresses, put together with the same perfect harmony Susie adds to any interior she designs.


Susie | Vintage Alpine Josie Dress , Rosie | Candy Ditsy Diana Jacket, Buttercup Gingham Lorenza Dress

It’s so lovely to meet a woman in a different field who shares a love of craft and natural materials. How did you develop your unique interior design style?

When I start with a room, there is one thing I always hope to achieve – comfort. Making a place feel warm and welcoming, using different textures and working with as many handmade items as possible. I also love when things have a ‘story’ behind them – people love to look at interesting pieces and talk about them. 


Rosie Vintage Alpine Savannah Dress


Can you tell us a bit about your journey to owning your own business? 

I’ve had a couple of lives; the first, a pudding chef, the second a PA. I then started working with Chester Jones and soon after, helped friends with their houses. Fifteen years later having worked at my kitchen table, things grew and I brought on people to help me. Working with the Soho House Group of Shoreditch House definitely launched me into a more significant place and to this day, I look at those projects with real fondness. 


What similarities do you see between your daughter and yourself?

Most importantly, we both have the ability to laugh at the most inappropriate moments. We also share a real love of textiles and are constantly searching for new beautiful things - if we can’t find something quite right, we’ll make it. And a sense of humour always helps! 


Rosie Vintage Alpine Savannah Dress, Susie Daisy Teal Esme Dress


What piece of advice are you passing on to your daughter that you wish you knew?

I wish I’d known that you don’t need all the qualifications in the world to be successful – it’s about loving what you do, communicating well, and connecting with people. 


How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style is similar to the way I style a home – layers, interesting things, details that draw you in. In fashion, I also love pockets – there’s a practicality to them that I couldn’t live without.


Susie | Vintage Alpine Josie Dress , Rosie | Candy Ditsy Diana JacketButtercup Gingham Lorenza Dress


What one accessory could you not live without?

I love a scarf. They instantly change an outfit and can easily be wrapped around a sofa, a person, even a dog! 


And of course, which are your favourite Pink City Prints pieces and why?

Esme Dress Teal


Susie Daisy Teal Esme Dress


Follow Susie on Instagram: @susie_atkinson

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